I am a man and I am what I am and what I am is a man in search of ChatRoulette boobs and women to anonymously show me their private parts,
I will liberate all women in the world with ChatRoulette as my AK-47
I will show all women the beauty of their sexuality and I will be well-spoken to men holding their privates in hand,
Looking for screaming young beauties in the fading dynamo of the electrical starry-eyed night.
ChatRoulette is my gauntlet through which I will test the feeble homophobias and hypocrisies of my land: businessmen with your hooker menageries, children who can't legally look at porn, monoLOLgamous puritans praying their wife doesn't look at the credit card bill, listen to your soft-spoken friend:

This is the awakening of your ChatRoulette beast, the internet Beelzebub, and I'm spreading my wings out in all anonymous directions scratching away at the hunters and the hunted.

The ChatRoulette Russian is watching but not listening and will not sell his wears to any Amerikan, no. We are the ANON underground of ChatRoulette and we will make sure it stays: raw, emotional, and explicit. ChatRoulette will be a testament of the exhibitionist nature of ALL our carnal desires; no brainwashing and no threads of venture capitalism will steal the creation. It is growing, in the darnkess of the night, ChatRoulette breathes.